Safe Cracking (When your locksmith does it)

Safes put all your valuables and important documents in one place to protect from burglars. Safes are functioning perfectly for many decades but it can have encountered some minor problems which may require services of a professional safe cracker or locksmith. The professional locksmith to crack a safe is highly trained and equipped to perform the task.

There are many different kinds of commercial and residential safes in use today. The most used types are:

  • Safe that operate with electronic keypads.
  • Safe that operate with digital keypads.
  • Safe that operate with wheel combination lock.

When these safety locks don’t want to function what they are supposed to do, you are left with an option to call a locksmith to crack a safe. Some of the safecracking techniques are mentioned below, have a look.

Safe bouncing
If you have purchased a low standard or cheap safe from an unknown company, this method will work to crack the safe without damaging the lock. But this method only works on safe functioning with bolt work. To bounce a safe, you can simply strike the top of the vault while turning the handle simultaneously.  This method looks exactly like the bumping key method. In this bouncing method, the internal components of safe are temporarily oriented to their opening position. Safe bouncing is not a professional method to crack a safe, but it will work with little practice.

Lock overrides
This method goes well with safe that operates with electronic keypads. The reason for this is the safes are intended to have their combination reset. Most of the time, there is a factory combination that comes standard to reset these types of safes. The most common combination is the repetitive zeros and often the same number as safe standard combination length.

With most electronic safes, a switch on the inside of the door allows to combination to reset. By flipping this switch you can easily reset the combination. You will face difficulty with this method without locksmith tools. This method won’t work in safe locked due to a dead battery.

Safe manipulation
You may have seen this method in the movies, where a suave gentleman spinning the dial with bare hands. You need knowledge, practice, patience and natural talent for this method of safecracking. A professional locksmith like Locksmith Eugene Oregon can open your safe with this technique. Manual combination locks can be manipulated by harming the lock and safe.

In case of more serious technique, a hole will have to be drilled into the safe. Tools can be inserted to manipulate the lock mechanism or bolt work. Your safe lock will not be much safe as it was before. But most of the people will still not be able to exploit the safe even after this new hole.

Violent entry
It is highly recommended that you should not try any kind of violent entry by yourself. The use of tools can be dangerous if you do not understand the construction of your safe lock. You may ask a professional for violent entry because otherwise, you risk hurting yourself.


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